Sunday, April 12, 2009

TV STRIPPER: "I was raped, beaten, addicted to crack, forced to do porn and diagnosed as bipolar.."

She appeared full of life and confidence during her burlesque routine on Britain's Got Talent last night but curvy dancer Fabia Cerra has endured a lifetime of tragedy, it emerged today.

The size 20 performer, who received a standing ovation from the judges and audience on the ITV1 show yesterday, was raped twice before the age of 15, beaten up by her alcoholic mother and forced to take part in a pornographic film.

To blot out the pain she began using crack cocaine to which she became addicted and later had a nervous breakdown which led to her being diagnosed with manic depression.

She turned her life around but more worry was to come when she caught a flesh-eating bug during the birth of her first child Leone which nearly killed her.

'I have had a tough life, there's no denying it,' she told The People.


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